Who I am:

I am TJ Lux, 25, and breathing.

I am an artist
I specialize in digital art, specifically in the areas of anthropomorphism and aviation. My tools of the trade consist of Adobe Photoshop CS2+ as well as my trusted pencil and sketchbook. Since I could first hold a crayon in my hands, I have been drawing and illustrating scenes from my head, involving characters and worlds of my own creation; they are my thoughts, my feelings, and my expression.

I am a photographer
I capture the world as I see it through my eyes and from my perspective, utilizing a Canon Rebel XTi to enable that. My photos consist of every day elements and fascinations from the shoes of an ordinary person who strives to grow beyond themselves.

I am a dreamer
My illustrations are the depictions of lucid dreams and aspirations while my photos feature the world as I wake up each morning and the goals I wish to attain.